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You may be unsure if your heart can handle a workout regimen and doing a plank could sound impossible. This assessment will dispel your fears and uncover your current fitness capabilities. Everybody starts at a different place. The best parts are that no one will judge you, we skip the embarrassment of going to a gym, and you are paired with a very knowledgeable and NASM certified personal trainer. She will document injuries, limitations, and imbalances that affect how we craft your specific workouts. Starting with an honest baseline allows you to reclaim you health, confidence, and longevity safely via an attainable program. Sign up today for your free assessment as the first step toward a brilliant life change.

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We do a thorough analysis to reduce risk of injury, maximize results, and set attainable goals.

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What people say


I could not have found a better personal trainer than I did when I met Heather Fries… She was great about utilizing those few items that I already had in my so called ‘gym’… I no longer had migraines. I was stronger,  more flexible, and I lost 8 pounds!

Ken Stikeleather

Ken Stikeleather

Travel Planner

Having Heather come to my home was an important factor for me. From the start Heather has been an incredible support–listening carefully, encouraging unfailingly, and challenging appropriately. Heather knows what she’s doing. So far I have lost 20 pounds and 20 inches and I feel like I have discovered the fountain of youth!

Marla Morris

Marla Morris


I worked with Heather for 12 weeks. I have a really bad knee and she tailored my workouts to make my muscles stronger around my knee. Working out with Heather helped me finish a full marathon. I would recommend her knowledge and skills to anyone at any level.

Terrie Payne

Terrie Payne

Deli/Bakery Manager

On Heather’s program, I lost 42 lbs and 33 inches in 9 months. Beside losing the weight and the inches, I liked seeing the small improvements like being able to get out of the car easier or climbing stairs.

Lori Evans

Lori Evans

Compliance Auditor

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