Blended training


Combine Virtual & In-Home

and enjoy the best of both worlds

We want you to have your cake and eat it too. With our Blended Training options you can do just that. We have built in the flexibility that you need with full access to the Virtual Training program elements, and the face to face accountability found in our In-Home option.

Blended VIP Training

Initial Assessment
12-Week Personalized Fitness
Custom Strength Program
Custom Cardio Program
Custom Corrective Program
Personalized Nutrition
BMI calculation
Metabolic Rate
Nutrition Coaching
3 In-Home assessments
& goal alignments
Progress Check-ins/messaging
Motivational Challenges
Monitoring via Trainerize App
Exercise Library Access

Blended VIP PREMIUM training

All of the Blended VIP program elements with these accountability-increasing features:
6 In-Home Personal Training Sessions
Monthly Challenge Workouts
Custom Interval (HIIT) Workouts
Private Facebook Group Access

Bring a friend

Do you have a BFF that you want to bring with you on your journey?
We have a workout and exclusive savings just for you! Choose the Access to VIP or VIP Premium Blended program features to share with your workout partner.

What people say


I could not have found a better personal trainer than I did when I met Heather Fries… She was great about utilizing those few items that I already had in my so called ‘gym’… I no longer had migraines. I was stronger,  more flexible, and I lost 8 pounds!

Ken Stikeleather

Ken Stikeleather

Travel Planner

Having Heather come to my home was an important factor for me. From the start Heather has been an incredible support–listening carefully, encouraging unfailingly, and challenging appropriately. Heather knows what she’s doing. So far I have lost 20 pounds and 20 inches and I feel like I have discovered the fountain of youth!

Marla Morris

Marla Morris


I worked with Heather for 12 weeks. I have a really bad knee and she tailored my workouts to make my muscles stronger around my knee. Working out with Heather helped me finish a full marathon. I would recommend her knowledge and skills to anyone at any level.

Terrie Payne

Terrie Payne

Deli/Bakery Manager

On Heather’s program, I lost 42 lbs and 33 inches in 9 months. Beside losing the weight and the inches, I liked seeing the small improvements like being able to get out of the car easier or climbing stairs.

Lori Evans

Lori Evans

Compliance Auditor

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